Make Your Own Rosewater Toner!!!

Rose water face spray is such a trend today, and rightfully so! I have always sworn by incorporating rose into every possible product for skin that I could get, including face wash, eye cream, face mists, masks and more....Read More »

The MUST HAVE cleaning recipe

Alrighty people. Let’s not judge…. THIS was the state of my shower.

I’ve fought with the soap scum and hard water stains for a year and a half using all of the typical products. Lysol, Kaboom….I even started the Baking soda, White Vinegar, and Blue Dawn Soap endeavor. With no success,...Read More »

My trip to Tulum and why you have to go there

My birthday was on Saturday, so to celebrate the big 2-3, Seth and I spent a long weekend in Tulum, Mexico.

First thing you’re thinking is “Where is Tulum?” Tulum is 2 hours south of Cancun along the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Think Cancun, minus big resorts, spring breakers,...Read More »

You HAVE to attend a Renaissance Fair!

Okay guys. I know Coachella is a thing. Disneyland is unbeatable. Concerts are always great fun.

But, I have to tell you about The Renaissance Fair I attended with my Fiance, Seth, and best friend from home Alyssa this last weekend!!

I know it sounds super geeky and borderline ridiculous. But...Read More »

My Easter Sunday Fun

He has risen! 🙏🏼

How was your Easter Sunday? Mine was wonderful! Seth’s 15 year old cousin was visiting from Oregon for the weekend, so we had an extra guest joining us for the festivities! 🐰🌷🌸🌼🙏🏼

We started the day by attending Mosaic Church in Hollywood. It was so packed that...Read More »

The best hair mask for dry, tired hair.

My soft, healthy hair after using this home made hair mask

I’ve found the perfect hair mask. Quite the claim, I know. As a lifetime blonde, I’m always on the lookout for any good hair product. I have to take care of my locks more...Read More »

DIY Toner with Apple Cider Vinegar

I am fed up with my skin changing all of the time. My skin goes through a lot of stress daily, from different makeup products to traveling with recycled plane air (Yuck!) to being in and out of the sun… and not to mention the POLLUTION in Los Angeles. It’s...Read More »

My Morning Skincare Routine

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that regardless of how good your skin was at 19…it can change over night and really ruin your day. I’ve always gotten compliments on my skin since I’ve started modeling… it seems like lots of people have wanted to...Read More »

How the Pro's do Lip Gloss

Everyone has their personal preference for what to wear on their lips. My Mom’s favorite is Buxom’s Lip Plumper, some people like Kylie Jenner’s matte lip kit, and for others a tinted chapstick is good enough. We all have those days where a...Read More »

Why I'll always choose a night in over a night out

Most would assume my life as a model consists of Oscar after parties, all nighters at the biggest clubs and hanging with the hottest celebrities. While I can tell you that option is definitely available to myself and most models, after testing out the water and indulging in some fun...Read More »

Natural Makeup- Tutorial & Products I Love

Originally posted on my Instagram Story, I received a lot of positive feedback on this tutorial! Many people reached out with support and also wanting to know all of the information on each of the products I used. Then I thought…. “Wait, people want to...Read More »

Kitty and I love our balcony garden!

Not only did I spend Superbowl Sunday eating mozzarella sticks and nachos, but I also dragged my fiance to Home Depot to stock up on some Kitty-Friendly Plants

After buying and planting some Parsley, Mint, Catnip, Wheatgrass, Violets, Rosemary and potting my new Gardenia and Camillia plants, it has...Read More »

Why polarized sunglasses are totally necessary

Two words: Blue eyes.

If you’re like me you have to wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy or you have a permanent wrinkle between your eyes from squinting all the time. I’m always that girl at outdoor photoshoots wearing sunglasses in most of the shots…Somehow I just can’t look into the blazing...Read More »