25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

In a world of creating your own social media identity, I feel like it’s hard to find “real” influencers or learn anything about us besides what our favorite products are or what brands we love. It’s my mission to break down the barriers that social media creates. Here is my attempt to change that:

 25 things you may not know about me!

1. I’m a Taurus. Stubborn and loyal…. That’s me.
2. I love SpongeBob. Like seriously. I was that weird kid that wore spongebob t-shirts in like 2004 when it was really popular.. Everything in life can have a line from the series incorporated.
3. My fingers and elbows are double jointed.
4. I’m the most inflexible stiff human ever. I can’t touch my toes or cartwheel
5. I met my fiancé in 2013 at The St. Paul rodeo on the 4th of July 😀🇺🇸
6. I moved to Hawaii a month later and did a semester abroad at UH Monoa on Oahu… And he followed me ☀️❤️
7. I played girls lacrosse for 8 years as a starter attack
8. I was in choir from elementary school all the way through senior year.
9. My favorite color is teal
10. I live for cupcakes. And frosting.
11. I’m very passionate about climate change and the environment… I studied Sustainability in college before “postponing” my education to pursue modeling while I’m still fit and have no wrinkles
12. I love to wakesurf and do other watersports
13. I’m from a suburb outside of Portland, OR called Happy Valley (yes that’s it’s real name)
14. My pet peeve is when people dumb themselves down for the approval of others
15. I love Essential oils, decorating, DIY projects, and Pinterest
16. Anchorman. Bridesmaids. Napoleon Dynamite.
17. I’ve worn wolf shirts with pride way before they became stylish
18. I have a little brother who is 19 and a badass firefighter
19. I recently taken up balcony gardening and Seth and I are OBSESSED 🌱💕
20. I had 5 wisdom teeth removed 😭
21. I’ve been to 17 national Parks with my family in an RV throughout Utah, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, California & more.
22. I see animals and the earth as my equal.🌍
23. I was vegetarian for 6 months but the lack of red meat gave me crippling anxiety from chemical imbalances in my body.
24. I was Valedictorian so I am constantly educating and trying to better myself
25. I’m caffeine free!


Cliff Jumping in Maui
Grand Canyon National Park-South Rim
Zion National Park
Joshua Tree National Park
Kayaking in Glacier National Park with my little brother, Jaeden
Glacier National Park…right before a huge Ram chased us down the mountain!
Living in Oahu
The reason I wear wolf shirts…My grandpa rocked them
Cheering on University of Hawaii at a football game
Stairway of Heaven on Oahu
Alyssa and I singing around the campfire

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