You HAVE to attend a Renaissance Fair!

April 25, 2017 9:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Okay guys. I know Coachella is a thing. Disneyland is unbeatable. Concerts are always great fun.

But, I have to tell you about The Renaissance Fair I attended with my Fiance, Seth, and best friend from home Alyssa this last weekend!!

I know it sounds super geeky and borderline ridiculous. But seriously, it was SO much fun!! The three of us decided that if we were going to drive an hour to this thing and buy tickets, then we were going to do it right and go all out! So we rented costumes. The whole experience was quite entertaining really. Us ladies got to choose a dress, bodice or corset from a rack…and since we arrived later in the day, the selection of sizes was pretty limited. I settled on a brown bodice and a linen peasant dress, Alyssa went for the classier option, a high class corset and a linen dress with puffy sleeves. Seth went for the kilt with a half open prince shirt and hat. I wasn’t complaining.

Now I don’t consider myself a “busty” lady, but after they laced up my bodice…Let me tell you, I quickly changed my tune. No they didn’t hurt, they were lifted up like a super XXL push up bra. What DID hurt however, were the straps on the shoulders and my ribs after they were constricted for hours trying to breathe. Alyssa’s corset gave her the teeniest tiniest waist I’ve ever seen, but no lift in the ladies. I can’t imagine how women wore these underclothes for centuries and still managed to function!


We adopted British accents for the day to really get into character, while indulging in “Cob of Corn,” a “Chicken Quarter,” and “Steak on a Stake” for our lunch. Walking around with other visitors in costume, as well as vendors, and other staff in full character really made the entire experience authentic and enjoyable! The only people who didn’t have a good time were the ones to cool to dress up and participate! There were medieval carnival games like Axe throwing, Javelin, and fencing, as well as tons of booths with activities and things to buy like swords, Armour, etc.

The real highlight of the day was the Jousting. Yes. Jousting. Like with horses and Knights and Heath Ledger. After several helpings of Grog and Rum, we were very much ready to watch the competition. It was hilarious. We went to the final joust of the day, the “Fight to the Death” match… and that’s definitely what went down. There were 4 players and they all jousted until basically everyone was dead from a sore-loser sword fight. It was amazing. So entertaining and nerdy.

By 6 o’clock we were more than ready to get out of our corsets and bodices, though I’m pretty sure Seth wasn’t ready to give up his Kilt. While I still have bruising from my constricting garments, I would SO do it again because it was such a memorable experience! It was like Halloween where adults are dressed up, while visiting a Medieval Disneyland and Coachella. I totally challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and release your inner thespian and have some fun at a local Ren fair near you!!!


PS….Its a perfect excuse to wear a crown braid!!!


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