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I would like to officially welcome you to my blog! I dreamed up A Model’s Guide to be a place where a reliable source- in this instance, a model, could share with the world the tips, tricks, and recommendations learned from being in the industry! I’ve worked as a model for over eight years in Portland and Los Angeles, and in that time, I have learned so many random facts about beauty in general. For example, did you know that most generic shampoo and conditioner brands have Sulfates in them? reported in 2018 that sulfates are a lathering agent that is used in cleaning household cleaning products and detergents, yikes! That is why I only use shampoos that are SLS and Paraben free, such as Purology or R & Co.

Inspiration for this blog came from a few of my favorite beauty influencers who actually are in the industry one way or another. Nikki DeRoest is a professional makeup artist and beauty connoisseur who was the makeup artist on set whenever I shot with Charming Charlie in 2015-2017. Her Instagram is so aesthetically appealing and full of recommendations and how-to’s. She recently launched her own beauty line, Roen Beauty, and has partnered with Rosie Huntington-Wiley, Bare Minerals and many other celebrities and companies. I specifically like her ability to create glow-y, radiant, natural makeup and accentuating what you already have on your face.

Another inspiration is Wander Beauty, which was founded by former Victoria Secret supermodel Lindsay Ellingson, who took her experience in the industry to simplify beauty routines into organic and cruelty-free products intended for multiple uses for those on the go.

Then you have the famous beauty vloggers, that of Tati WestBrook and Manny MUA. I haven’t joined the millions of loyal fans that follow their Youtube channels religiously, but I understand the draw. My personal style of makeup and beauty is more minimal and natural, whereas they go for the more Kardashian style of heavy contouring, stencil drawn brows and winged eyeliner.

The purpose of this blog is to incite confidence in your own natural beauty, first and foremost. One important aspect of confidence boosting is knowledge, and that is exactly what I am trying to provide:  knowledge about choosing the right products, knowledge about how to avoid harmful chemicals and substances hidden in products, and knowledge about how to make your skin look healthy and dewy so that you don’t have to wear as much makeup as you might think you need. You’d be amazed at what highlighter can achieve if placed correctly! We are all unique and beautiful, so please help me build a supportive community of skincare freaks! If you have any questions or requests about something specific to beauty, ask away in the comments below.

So, what’s to come? I am a firm believer in a realistic skincare routine. Most of my posts will probably be skincare related. My current topic ideas are my nighttime skin regimen, DIY beauty creations, and cruelty-free products and why I support them. Skin is important in modeling, and at every shoot you have several people judging every single part of your body. A makeup artist can only cover so much of a pimple, and I know from experience that the Mount Vesuvius on the forehead of chin doesn’t bode well for the workday, no matter how much concealer gets put on.

In addition, photo shoots often result in horrible breakouts later from all of the makeup and powder that gets put on my face. I’ve even had a makeup artist come through and use the same brush to powder several models’ faces during a shoot without changing or cleaning brushes. That just transfers bacteria, oil, and gunk from other people’s faces onto my own, repeatedly. So, a skincare routine is a must to survive not only photo shoots, but also life in general! Your skin is a living organ, and it’s the first thing to come in contact with the environment. That’s why a skin routine, large or small, is essential in cleansing the harsh impurities of every day life here on 21st century Earth. Smog, car exhaust, and whatever is in the current products you might use on your face all are absorbed by the skin, which is why we must cleanse and moisturize it so that a barrier is between your bare face and harmful environmental factors. This long-winded rant stems from what countless makeup artists have told me over the years while sitting in the chair getting glammed up for a shoot.

Shooting in Las Vegas, NV for Zappos in September 2014

Stay tuned for more, and I hope you are willing to come along for the ride!


  • Jesse says:

    Hi Noelle,

    I love trying to find new beauty products that are vegan, I wonder if you have any recommendations or if you follow along any brands that stick out to you as better than an animal-based counterpart? I am hoping for some DIY projects I can follow along this semester maybe some face or hair masks? Either way, I can’t wait to learn about more beauty insider tips and tricks!!


  • Jennie Foglia-Jones says:

    I love this blog idea. I too did a short stint with modeling when I was in my middle and high school years. I loved every aspect of it. Even though I did most of my work in Seattle, I never followed through with pursuing it beyond high school. Congrats on a successful career so far (more than most have done) and the joy you seem to get from it.
    I like the organization of your blog and the use of the photos. Your links to other sites are helpful as well.
    I look forward to following your blog and learning some new tips and tricks of the trade.

  • Bryanna Feiloakitau says:

    Your blog is amazing and I love your intro! Keep up the great work!

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