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WELCOME FRIENDS! My name is Noelle Brown, a full time Model based in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout my ongoing 5 year career, I’ve learned so many tricks of the trade in regards to Beauty, Health, Diet, Fashion, and Life Hacks! Why wouldn’t I share them? I dreamed up this site to be the destination to give advice, tutorials, and reviews from someone in the industry who is exposed to all of the life hacks you are all dying to know about on a daily basis!

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon until I moved to LA in 2014. I live in a comfy apartment in West Hollywood with my Fiance, Seth, and our fur baby, Mustache the Cat.  Being a PNW native, I can tell you it is quite the adjustment to living in sunny Los Angeles (and not just because of the weather!) While I am a model living in Hollywood, I’m not the typical model. Fashion isn’t my life, going to Nobu for the worlds best sushi isn’t my ideal night out, and going to Soul Cycle 2x a day while juice cleansing is NOT my forte. I live for cuddles with my cat while watching Netflix with my man, wearing jeans and a graphic tee, and eating pizza often. I’m just an Oregon girl trying to get through life among the rich and famous while still being true to my roots!