Closing Thoughts

The semester is coming to a close, which means that this the final post to my blog, at least for this class! First, I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my various posts and getting to know me through this blog. The overall experience was...Read More »

Morning Skincare Routine

Please keep in mind that this is a compilation of Instagram Stories imported from my Story Highlights on my Instagram Profile.

Newsflash: everyone should have a morning and...Read More »

DIY Rose Water

Let’s talk about rose water and skincare. You see rose water products line the shelves at Sephora and other high end beauty stores. I personally starting using products with rose incorporated in them in the last five years,  including this face wash, eye cream, Read More »

Meet Kylie, Professional Makeup Artist

It’s eight in the morning, and with barely an hour allotted to prep the model before the shoot starts at nine, Kylie lays out her entire makeup kit, chugs her homemade dirty oat milk chai latte, and sanitizes her hands to signal that it’s time to start working.  She prepares...Read More »

The best DIY hair mask

I’ve found the perfect DIY hair mask. Quite the claim, I know. As a lifetime blonde, I’m always on the lookout for any good hair product that can help with dry and brittle ends. A combination of color-treated hair, spending a lot of time in the sun and water, and...Read More »

An Introduction

I would like to officially welcome you to my blog! I dreamed up A Model’s Guide to be a place where a reliable source- in this instance, a model, could share with the world the tips, tricks, and recommendations learned from being in the industry! I’ve worked as a model...Read More »