Model Diet

except i eat carbs ok?

Alright let’s be honest. Do I love pasta? Yes. Do I need a tub of Betty Crocker frosting in my Pantry at all times? You bet. Can I eat all the pizza and chocolate cake I want with no regrets or worries in the world? NO. Ask me in high school this question when I played varsity lacrosse and hadn’t even gotten boobs yet and it would be a different answer. Now I’m going on 23 and have to actually worry about all this crap? Aging is fun! That’s what my mom always said anyway. Well. I firmly believe in living a healthy lifestyle as much as possible so you can indulge whenever it feels right. Being active, having protein and veggie rich meals, and *trying* not to enjoy a bag of chips for snack time is not only a good diet, its good for your skin, hair, nails, metabolism, sleep, it goes on and on. IMPORTANT: Eating healthy needs to be a LIFESTYLE. Not a DIET. Diets last for a few days or weeks or months until we crack and binge eat coconut ice cream and gain it all back. You have to adapt this idea as a part of who you are. Someone who forever eats healthy but still has mom’s home made tuna casserole is a lot dang happier than the person begrudgingly gnawing on celery while a tear sheds down their face. From personal experience, denouncing all things that taste good or could ruin my bod actually backfired. Eat healthy as much as possible but allow yourself goodies from time to time!