Modeling Tips

Whether you’re an aspiring model or just want to just learn more about it, this page is my advice on how to get started.

I was scouted while shopping at Pacsun in Clackamas Town Center when I was 17 years old. Scouting is a very common way people get started in modeling, so don’t be alarmed. There are a few warning signs to be aware of as you look into possible agencies. Never EVER use an agency that makes you pay some unthinkable fee of thousands of dollars. That is a scam. I learned the hard way, just take it from me. A good agency, like OPTION Model and Media in Portland, will have initial fees for test shoots, portfolio costs, and possibly a web fee. Those should only be a few hundred dollars combined. If an agency wants to make you pay $5000 for modeling school and startup costs… RUN. Your first agent should be willing to guide you through the process of becoming a model in a trustworthy manner.

Baby Noelle’s first photoshoot!!! AH

If you are interested in pursuing modeling, most agencies have Open Calls, where they open their doors to allow anyone come and essentially try out to be a model. They take some pictures, maybe a video, then you leave. I can’t promise that any given agency will sign you, but my advice is to just keep trying different agencies!